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Sunday, October 24, 2010

So much accomplished this weekend (and not a lot to show for it!)

Let's just say this weekend was all about one thing...DISTRACTIONS!!!

As I was enjoying Saturday morning catching up with a dear friend and running errands for my productive (insert laugh) weekend, the boys had other ideas for how I'd spend my time...

Amazing how these seem to multiply while I'm away...

So after a few hours of cleaning up the place, it was FINALLY time to....make Connor's Halloween costume for his party at 5 p.m. <<sigh>>

What? Haven't you ever seen a laundry basket before?
Isn't this the dream costume for every 7 year old boy?

Hey--he came up with this idea, and the fact that it was FREE was a bonus (Again, Dave Ramsey would be so proud)! As I drove him to the party I fantasized about how much I could accomplish while he was away for 2 WHOLE HOURS!!! Fake spiders, ghoolish Halloween decorations and Connor's new found fear of them, however, were not part of my plans and I ended up staying at the party as Connor's laundry   captive  helper.

2 hours, 1 beer (I love hospitable 2nd grade parents), a burger and 2 pinatas later...we were back in business! (Insert the sound of slamming brakes and one snotty, sickly, needy teenager) Ugh. After lots of mothering, medicating and making sure no one else interrupted me...it was really time to get down to business...around 9 p.m.

The laminate bookshelves needed to be cleared and ready for their new life as black and beautiful, custom (-ized by me) furnishings. But something interesting started to happen as I got to work...there was a very strong yet annoying gravitational pull coming from my cozy bed. I fought the good fight and managed to empty 1 bookcase over the course of 3 hours and umpteen battles with the gravitational pull.

Sunday would prove to be a better day even with one cheerleading competition for one of my 4 favorite nieces (I'm an equal opportunity aunt that way :-0)), a surprise visit from my Mom ("Plans? No, we don't have any plans. We'll be home all day!"), one skeleton book report project and an hour search for those cute little brads to hold him together...

and I did get a few things done. Really. I swear.

I know you all are hanging on every word of this replay of my weekend--what's that you say? Where's the decorating? PATIENCE PEOPLE! I got a life to survive live here!

My $5 night stands have gone from this...

To this...

Primed and ready to go!

And just so you all don't feel cheated, I'll share a quick tip I've learned from some of my deco-blogging sisters out there. Doncha just hate paint clean up? Well, my personal blogging hero over at Thrifty Decor Chick gave me the brilliant idea of free (how many times can I say "free" in this blog hmmm?) paint tray liners...

Thanks Kroger!

Now that little secret is worth the price of admission ain't it?! 

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