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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big plans!

OK--so almost three looooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggg years (did I mention long?) on the Dave Ramsey plan and I'm ready to end my decorating drought.

Confession time--I love my house. I really do. When I first walked in to this house I felt like I had lived here my whole life. Now, something's happened to my field of vision and I only see the things I hate don't love so much--the cheap varnished hollow core doors, the brass fixtures (yes, there's still some brass left in the house only saved by my 4 years of grad school and 3 years of scraping pennies), and of course I can't leave out the disgusting carpet that needed replaced when we moved in 8 years ago!

While we're done with our "Debt Diet," we're still working on paying off cars (ya know, small bills like that!) so, I can't exactly go on a decorating splurge. After deciding that I just couldn't live another minute in the hand-me-down bedroom with Grandma's furniture (circa 1970), Aunt Phyllis's bedding set (circa 1990-ish), the rattan chair we bought 18 years ago when we got married (it was an extravagant $50 purchase at the time), and oh, did I mention the BRASS!

Ick--I went on a selling spree to raise some much needed capital. Books consigned. Clothes consigned. Gold sold. (Looks too much like brass.) One major shopping spree later...if one can call shopping WalMart's clearance rack, Big Lots, $10 night stands from Craigs List and coupon toting to the door buster sale at JC Penney a major shopping spree then OK!

So now it's time to start the real work--painting dressers, night stands--everything in the room basically--to transform it into a cozy traditional escape--NO LEGOS ALLOWED!!

I created this blog to catalog my experiences--hits and misses. Can't wait to see how it all turns out? Me too.

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