A little paint goes a long way!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Big Reveal!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Martin Luther King Jr Day! These are the holidays that have passed me by since my last post. Life has been a bit...can we say...NUTS for the last three months of my life and none of it, absolutely NONE of it has had anything to do with my Mom Cave project. I have been killing myself creating a winter wonderland in every nook and crany of my house, and then tearing it back down again and redecorating every usable and visible space because I'm SO.OVER. just about everything in my house! (That's the danger of creating a fantabulous space like my bedroom oasis--nothing else quite compares.)

I'm so tempted to string this out and show you just bits and pieces but really, who do I think I am? Oprah?!

So, here are the before shots of my room. They aren't pretty. It was an eclectic mix of retro laminate, hand-me-down bedding, window treatments only a grandmother mother could love, and one ginormous dog for good measure. Well, I decided to keep the dog, but I trashed, donated or painted nearly everything else!

Just remember...I warned you...Please don't judge.

Lovin' the well-fitted bedding now aren't ya?? And those shears...get over yourself right?!

And the part hubs doesn't want me to show you. His smartly-appointed chest of drawers...
Yes, those are spare socks. We weren't exactly going for organization awards here.

Don't forget the famous retro-laminate maple furniture that was a hand-me-down from my Grandma as well as the cherry laminate and way too overcrowded bookshelves...

And of course, there were the Legos. Endless piles of Legos and other assorted kid toys that kept finding their way into MY space!

And did I forget to mention the hodge podge furniture and very cute, but very out-of-place lamps that just didn't work?

Umm, this is where the "Please Excuse Our Dust" sign comes into play.

I can't even believe I lived with this room for so long. I was just blind to the possibilities. And to how incredibly thrift savy I could be when obsessed with driven by a goal to preserve my sanity and create my own heavenly space to disappear into.

Remember how I told you this wasn't a budgeted project so I had to nearly sell everything that wasn't bolted down to pay for it? Don't worry. I kept the kids. And the dog. And, yes the hubby despite the piles of lonely socks. Are you ready for this? The sum total cost of this amazing project was...


You're not even gonna believe it when I tell you it was less than $500!!! $420 to be exact! And yes, that includes EVERYTHING. Not as impressive if you don't see the results right? Well, brace yourself. Here goes nothing (and please remember that I'm still exhausted from this 40-day marathon so be gentle!)

Excuse the old bedding, but this is an impossible shot to get during the day and I took it quite awhile ago.
And, best of all--no room for stray socks on this chest-of-drawers! They've now been banned!

Yes, these are the same pieces of laminate furniture painted a GORG black suede satin paint but with new hardware.
Doesn't it scream "I was born to look this good!"

No room of mine would be complete without another hand-me-down from 
Aunt Phyllis! Is that Mirror to DIE for or what? And completely perfect for my diva wall!

And one more picture of my amazing spray-painted ceiling fan!!

Ta-Daa!! Well, I'm not sure the pictures really do it justice. But let's just say that when I walk in to this room, surrounded by so many things that I completely LOVE, and with everything in it's rightful place, I finally have a room that I can BREATHE in! I can REST in here. I am CONTENT in here. And there's not one single thing I want to replace. Yet.

Over the next week, I'm going to blog about some of my most favorite things and share with you the amazing deals I found throughout this journey. The accessories are my favorite part of the whole thing! That and the wall colors. And the spray-painted ceiling fan. And the seating area. And the...