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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Joys of Spray Paint

This isn't a reality show folks, but I'm feeling a confessional moment coming on. (((I love spray paint!))) It's the one thing I can afford when I can't afford anything else! It's my BFF--my tried and true friend.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, brass makes me gag. Like really. It's just so...yesterday. I remember a time when I thought if it was made of brass (or at least resembled brass) it must be expensive. So I loaded up on the stuff when I was in charge of my own space. I think I OD'd on the not-so-precious looking to me metal. Don't get me wrong--I won't judge you if you have brass in your house--I will just fantasize about sneaking into your house with my spray paint and gun. I kid. Sort of.

And just so you know that I speak it but don't always live it...take a look at my door knobs. And my ceiling fans. And a scant few lamps that I just can't seem to pitch part with...Their days are numbered!

Anywho, remember me telling you about the clearance find for bedroom lamps at WalMart? One problem. They were a color that slightly resembled brass (OK--they were butter yellow. Close enough.) but that didn't scare me! Their form--beautiful! Their color? Not so much. And nothing a little quality time with my BFF wouldn't cure!

Now, I've been known to go a little crazy with a spray paint can before--my bright and shiny brass light fixtures--now beautiful (faux) wrought iron thanks to my friend RUStoleum. These babies would be a piece of cake! ORB (that's industry speak for oil rubbed bronze) is my new fav! Here are my weapons of mass resurrection...

About 30 minutes and 2 coats later (drum roll please)...

Ta da!! (Do you see the brass lamp in the background taunting me? Ugh.)

A $10 lampshade (also from WalMart) and it's perfect!

(Disclaimer:  Please disregard the gross laminate countertop...another obsession project for another day. Might have to sell some plasma to pay for that though.)

That went so well I'm making a list of my next victims creations: door knobs, bathroom light fixture, and dare I try the dreaded ceiling fans? Oh the cockiness I can assume from one successful spray can encounter! I'd better stick to the bedroom project first. Focus Kelli. Focus!

Yo! Brass dude on the skirted table... I'm coming for you next!

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  1. Did you see that Rustoleum makes a paint for specialty countertops & laminate. I just found it this week, so I haven't tried it yet, but it is tintable to 24 colors. I think I am going to try it for an old formica dresser that needs some updating. :)