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Monday, October 18, 2010

Lists, a big dog and therapy (not necessarily in that order)

Once upon a time, I couldn't sleep. Not that this is a news bulletin--it happens frequently when my brain is just too full of stuff to rest. On this particular night, I was distracted by all the things in my room that were not mine--the dog's bones, Legos on every table and dresser, kids clothes from last spring's closet purge and random lone shoes that are way too small for my ski-sized feet.

It was then that I had an epiphany--I needed to reclaim my bedroom in order to reclaim my sanity. I needed at least ONE room in the house that I could decorate and call mine. Let's just say for example, that because of my  OCD   endearing attention-to-detail, I moved a picture frame from a 45% angle to a 48% angle, I could reasonably assume it would stay that way for at least a week (or until other necessary readjustments). I love my boys more than life itself--I just wish they'd keep their adorable yet grimy little hands off my stuff! (I say that with all the love in my heart I can muster.)

OK--so there was one little problem with this plan. Well, three four problems really but who's counting? The Toys 'R Us in my room wasn't the only thing that kept me awake at night. Here's just a short list of my room's shortcomings (in my humble opinion of course)...
1. Hodge-podge furniture--an eclectic mix of unmatched everything including my Grandmother's laminate/wood dresser and chest of drawers, various tables that I commandeered for night stands, and the tropical-inspired rattan chair with ottoman--one of our first purchases as a married couple 18 years ago!
2. Old faded bedding that was a hand-me-down from my Aunt Phyllis (that sounds more desperate than it is...she had it made custom for her master bedroom...about 15 years ago!).
3. Gag-me-with-a-spoon window treatments that I never could seem to get right for our ginormous window (my budget couldn't support what I really wanted to do!).
4. Pink-ish tan walls that we inherited from the previous owners and a stained ceiling (thanks Hurrican Ike!).

(Oh yeah...5 One very big dog always on my bed!)

My other problem (and this is a big one)--no money to pay for a major overhaul. Mike and I have been on the Dave Ramsey plan for 3 years now. We successfully finished our Debt Diet about a year ago and now we're working to pay off our cars by May and save for our REAL major renovation--FINISH THE BASEMENT! So, whatever money I would need for paint, furniture, bedding, and window treatments would have to either materialize out of thin air, or I would need to raise some serious capital. Thanks to Half-Price Books, my favorite consignment shop and the friendly "we buy gold" coin dealer, I was able to raise enough money to get started.

I started by doing the one thing I do best...I made a list! What would I need to transform this space? Here's what I came up with...
1. New bedding (my first bedding set! I feel so grown up!)
2. Coordinating wall colors (i.e. new paint)
3. Matching night stands
4. New lamps (for nightstand and reading area)
5. New window treatments--drapery and bamboo roman shades
6. Paint the dresser/chest of drawers
7. Buy new drawer pulls and knobs to update the dressers
8. New comfortable reading chair
9. New furniture arrangement to balance the room
10. New ceiling fan--well, now I might be pushing the limits of my budget!

Contrary to what some may think (i.e. Mike--you know I luv ya honey!), I don't sit around thinking about all the things I want to buy and then go on an impulse shopping excursion! (OK--maybe once or twice I did that but that was before Dave and his stupid amazing debt reduction plan.) Sadly for me, I obsess contemplate things I want for a llllllllllllooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg time. For example, bedding sets. I have looked longingly at bedding sets for what seems like eternity. It was like I was searching for the Holy Grail or something. I just had to find the. perfect. one. After months and thousands of logged internet hours, I finally found The One. Now I had to wait for the Lowest Price of the Season sale with corresponding coupon. Two weeks ago was D-Day. It. had. to. be. mine. The set--comforter, bed skirt, shams, and 3 decorative pillows--on Door Buster at JC Penney. $89.99 with a $15 off coupon! Feel like standing in applause? I know!

Just a sneak peak! The colors are actually deeper than they look in this picture with deeper browns and steely blue/green. Gorg!

Now that I had the anchor for the room--I could start in earnest on everything else...paint selection, window treatments, etc. I spent the weekend browsing the stores and websites that worked with my ridiculous modest budget--WalMart, Big Lots, clearance aisles at Home Depot, Target, and yes--Craig's List!

Let's just say...I HIT THE JACKPOT on the clearance racks!! Lamps ($9), beautiful drapery ($10 x 4--big window remember?), table skirt ($5), new curtain rod ($10), BEAUTIFUL glass hurricanes ($4), vases ($2) and more! Add to that impressive list $5 nightstands on Craig's List and I got myself a room! This was more fun than I've ever had...guilt-free! And, it was cheaper than a therapy session! (Think I could get reimbursed by our healthcare flex spending account?) MORE MONEY!! :-0)

Stay tuned to see  if  how I pull it all together...

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